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John Gruber. A lot of people can’t stand the guy. Depending on who you talk to, he is one-eyed towards anything Apple related and is a textbook fan-boy for which many love to hate. That kind of discussion is very anti-productive, and I tend to avoid it when I can, so I’ll just share his review of The Daily iPad app announced recently by Murdoch and Co., and be on my way.

In his review, Gruber clearly connects the user experience with business decisions and the impact it could have on the applications success, drawing contrast with new and old media. It’s a must read if you’re interested in the world of app development.

The key take out for me wasn’t a mind-blowing revelation, but merely a well timed reminder:

If your app is slow, it will not get used.

Or another way of looking at it:

If you don’t make your app fast enough, it won’t be as successful as you’re hoping.

Daring Fireball - The Daily Wait – 5th Feb, 2011

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