Arbitrary References to Waterfall and Agile

“To be as predictable as possible and to maximize time to ROI, we need to have clear conversations around the characteristics of the teams that are best suited to the problems we are trying to solve.

Understand if your project is convergent or divergent, determine the appropriate amount of planning, assess if your project would benefit from phase based or value based sequencing, and whether functional separate or collaborative teams are the best way to build software.”

Great read.


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One thought on “Arbitrary References to Waterfall and Agile

  1. It seems to me that Agile only works if you have a really smart, switched on delivery team. These same people would probably make a Waterfall project work if they needed to.

    So the key thing is to attract really smart, switched on people to make your project succeed. These guys prefer to work within an Agile framework and that needs to be respected.

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