Foursquare’s Tips

“It lowers the barrier: When everyone else has written two sentences, it’s easier for you to write two sentences, so we get a wider variety of reviews from people,” Crowley says, “as opposed to that super passionate or super angry person that wanted to write three to four paragraphs. I’m glad we made the decision to have shorter snippets of content, which are more easily digestible.” Only two years ago, Foursquare boasted just 7.5 million tips–a number that has since more than quadrupled. The company is now averaging more than a million new tips added per month.”

All available via an API for free. How long until they monetize this data? Momentum doesn’t seem to be slowing down:

“…what’s most remarkable is that Foursquare is outpacing Yelp in the review department, despite having a fraction of the public company’s users. Yelp has roughly 108 million users, whereas Foursquare has just 35 million.”

Source: Foursquare’s Tips Growing Faster than Yelp’s Reviews

Arrivals for Foursquare

“There are many different ways to use foursquare. I check-in mainly to keep a personal log of where I’ve been. I rarely use it to view where my friends are. I find the iPhone push notifications too intrusive whilst I only launch the app to check in.

This leaves my usage unbalanced, friends are broadcasting but I’m not listening. I’m more likely to notice a friend is nearby from twitter or instagram than from foursquare.”

Dan Williams.

Couldn’t agree more. Arrivals for Foursquare is a brilliant.