2013 Recap

A look back at 2013, another amazing year (purposely keeping work out of it). Biggest achievement: Running the Melbourne Marathon In early 2013 I was convinced to sign up for the Melbourne Marathon which give me 4-5 months to train and prepare. Run in October, the Melbourne Marathon finishes inside the MCG and is the Southern

The Pro’s of Native App Development

“Native vs. Web?” “HTML5 is the FUTURE!” “The App Store is just for distribution!” “Android is taking over and all the screens are different sizes!” Heard it around the traps lately? Same. Here’s my rational as to why I’ll vote for native app development over developing a mobile web app (and putting it within a

iOS: Updating Two Single Applications to a Universal Application

Background: I was recently working for an organisation where “The Business” (I hate that term, but I’ll stick with it throughout this article as that’s what they’re commonly referred to at said organisation) wanted to take their separate iPhone app and iPad app, and merge them to create one “universal” app for the App store.


“Wear sunscreen.” It’s a simple statement which begins the most simple resource of advice and wisdom that I have ever come across. First heard on the radio in my teens, and listened to since via Walkman, Discman, iPod, iTunes, YouTube, and now SoundCloud, The Sunscreen Song never seems to get old. You’ve probably heard it

Gruber on The Daily

John Gruber. A lot of people can’t stand the guy. Depending on who you talk to, he is one-eyed towards anything Apple related and is a textbook fan-boy for which many love to hate. That kind of discussion is very anti-productive, and I tend to avoid it when I can, so I’ll just share his

Why Piracy is Winning

1. Speed of availability 2. Video quality 3. Format Overall, it’s a better experience that makes it a better alternative. Money isn’t a factor I believe. BitTorrent is better than Hulu (or any on-demand site I’ve seen), just like Blu-ray is better than DVD – it’s as simple as that. It’s not like piracy is hurting the