Back into it…

I bought the new (late 2010) 13′ inch MacBook Air last week. It arrived earlier than expected which was a pleasant surprise. As I unboxed the new machine, it was hard not to admire the slick form factor and weight. Here are my findings after a few days of use.

  • Battery life is insane. It seems to just go and go. Getting a full day of use out of it on one charge (about 8am till 10pm).
  • Despite earlier reports, it came with flash installed.
  • It’s lighter but sturdier than you may think (if you’ve managed a quick hands on or seen a commercial).

It’ll nicely replace my old White model MacBook and compliment the iPad when travelling very nicely. It’s hard not to see the MacBook Pro line-up move a little down the path that the Air has laid out when they’re refreshed earlier next year.

In other news, I managed to grab my name as a domain name (been trying for years) and I’ve finally completed migrating everything over from the old site. The MacBook Air handled this task very well, with no fan freak out or wicked heat on my lap.

So yeah, from now on I’ll be using this domain name for all my stuff. Should be fun. The site needs some work, which I’ll scope out and get through as I can. In the mean time, stay classy!