Are you building a business that can scale?

1. Have we documented the basics, down to the tiniest detail, including the software and product design, and all trademark and patent applications?

2. Are we using technology to create an atmosphere of transparency and clarity around critical decisions related to product design, business development, marketing strategy and more?

3. Are we recording customer interactions in a way that will deliver insight to future iterations of the team? If the sales department turned over, would its new leaders be able to maintain key relationships?

4. Have we created systems that stakeholders (investors, large customers, strategic partners) could tap into for insights into the business?

5. Is our culture one in which all employees are empowered to take decisive action, or one in which only the founders can drive advancement?

6. Are we building on employee strengths as we grow our team? Are new hires complementary extensions of the existing staff?

7. Have we created a network of partners, technology providers, installers and others who can become part of our growth framework?

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