Travel with the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch was announced today and there were some specific announcements during the keynote that caught my attention. When Apple talked about 3rd party apps in development for the Apple Watch, they specifically called out travel – an industry I work in every day and a hobby I pursue outside of work as much as possible.

Starwood Hotels are building an app that will provide room check-in via your Apple Watch and unlock your hotel room by waving your Apple Watch over your room door lock. It will be available at all W Hotels around the world next year (this got a massive round of applause).

Starwood Apple Watch

American Airlines will offer flight check in and time/gate/seat information via your Apple Watch.

American Airlines Apple Watch

If you’ve pinned sites and attractions to your Pinterest boards and you’re then near those places while travelling, the Pinterest app will notify you and provide walking directions from your current location.

Pinterest Apple Watch

Citymapper will provide transit directions on the Apple Watch and notify users to get off when they’re close to their stop.

Citymapper Apple Watch

All great applications and I can’t wait to see what else 3rd party developers create for the Apple Watch over the next 6 – 12 months.

Images via Apple